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Engage to Innovate provides specialist advisory and consulting services across a range of disciplines and industries.


  • We are unique in being able to bring together technical consulting with workforce development skills and learning and development expertise.

  • We combine supply chain design with workforce, leadership and team development skills to build effective, high performing and world-class supply chains.

  • We assist organisations to communicate more effectively and to engage with their customers, staff and employees.

  • We assist organisations to design customer focussed structures and processes that are accountable, best practice, and add value - we help you to eliminate waste and focus on only what really adds value to your customers.

  • We help organisations understand the essence of their value proposition.

  • We help organisations to unlock creativity and innovation, and to connect and engage.

  • We assist subcontractors and SMEs with the development of WHS/EHS plans, processes and procedures, and training to achieve WHS/EHS compliance.

Our expertise includes:

developing business strategies and management plans

improving leadership, communication, engagement and organisational alignment

improving customer focus through structure, accountability, teams and KPIs

providing personal and professional mentoring, training and development programs

developing winning bid strategies

designing social and sustainable procurement plans

creating jobs, skills and industry development strategies and plans

designing, developing and project managing complex supply chains including tendering, contracts management and commercial

conducting business financial health reviews

assisting SMEs achieve supplier compliance to work for Tier 1 contractors

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